Swizz Beatz’ site shut down by the feds

Posted January 20, 2012 by T1theinfamous in Article

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Swizz Beatz is known for many things. Hit songs,hit albums,making some of the catchiest beats in music and of course he’s known for being married to the lovely Alicia Keys. Now he’s going to be known for one more thing but this time it wont exactly add to his already stellar resume’. In fact this is going to be a huge blemish. Many of you may or may not know of the site Megaupload. It’s a file sharing site that allows users to send pretty much anything they want to each other and random people by simply uploading the file and giving someone a link. I should correct myself and say that it was a site that allowed you to do that. As of January 19th the site,which was headed by music mastermind Swizz Beatz. Of course today isn’t the first time Swizzy has been in trouble over files. Just yesterday he got into hot water with Universal Music Group for his song “Mega Song” which sings the praises of the file sharing site that he ran. Of course if legislation like SOPA and PIPA go through,this could be happening to many sites,including this one for things a lot less grievous than sharing large porn files. To learn more about Swizz Beatz’ trouble with the feds click on this sentence.

UPDATE: Apparently fans of Megaupload aren’t taking too kindly to the site being shut down.


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